Client: 8ninths*
Creative Director: Heather Raikes
Designer: Chris Lewman  
Location: Seattle, Washington, USA

*8ninths was acquired by Valence Group and Major Key Technologies
8ninths is a startup incubator and an Emmy® Award Winning Studio founded by two Microsoft engineers, Adam Sheppard and William Lai. The name of the company itself is a mission to find opportunity in things that are hidden or unseen (8ninths is the portion of an iceberg hidden below the surface). 
One of the only companies selected by the Microsoft HoloLens team to attend the Holographic Academy, 8ninths specializes in developing Holographic applications for its clients. Partnering with CITI, the visionary team recreated the financial trading experience in mixed reality. 
Debuting at the Microsoft Build Conference meant that 8ninths needed a presentation that matched the innovation of their project. Worked with the founders, Creative Director and team to create a custom PowerPoint brand template and presentation with several embedded videos. 

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