Client: Discover Vision Centers
Marketing Director / Creative Producer: Chris Lewman
Video Production: KJO Media
Editor & Motion Designer: Aaron DeWitt  

Location: Kansas City, Missouri - US
In these spots, we used humorous, ordinary life situations to set up a message about how Discover Vision can't help with the small things, but can help with one very important thing, your eyesight. 
To build a cohesive look for the campaign, we filmed separate commercials in the same style and formula. Using a colorful treatment, and intentional wardrobe and set design, brand colors were used throughout. 
The viewer sees a series of “mishaps” (dog shredding important work documents, ice cream falling off cone, furniture that seems impossible to put together) paired with a voice over that says, “We can’t help you with this...but we can help you with that.”
Each commercial is flexible enough to turn from one :30 video into 3 separate :15s. Assets were used for Broadcast TV/radio, digital advertising, and streaming services.​​​​​​​

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