Agency: Jack Morton Worldwide
Executive Producer: Sherri Beck
Keynote Executive Producer: Rachel Lyons
Broadcast Technical Director: Mario Torres  
Lighting: UVLD and Habitech Las Vegas 
Executive Creative Director: Nevin Mizelle
Environmental Design: Camille Connolly, Christopher Boone
Lead Creative Producer: Chris Lewman  
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada - US | Michelob ULTRA Arena
This year's Google Cloud Next debuted for the first time in Las Vegas bringing more than 30,000 attendees, 2,000 Google Experts, 2,500 Partners and nearly 400 sponsors. 
Our Creative Team was tasked with designing and producing the Keynote environment, 2 Spotlight stages, and more than 30 Breakout rooms. 
We integrated the concept of generative AI into our design philosophy, envisioning the Keynote environment as a dynamic space comprised of interconnected layers, illustrating depth and complexity, while also emphasizing interconnectedness and synergy. 
Highlights included 218 announcements from Google Cloud, including advancements in AI and machine learning, infrastructure, security, and data analytics. 
We featured 300+ customer and partner AI stories, 500+ breakout sessions, interactive demos, and real-world applications of cloud technology, showcasing how organizations can leverage the power of Google Cloud to drive innovation and accelerate digital transformation. 

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